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 Female Dogs 

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Male Cats


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Clyde- Male, About 2 years old, Grey

Cotton & Ginger- Females, About 2 years old

Xerxes & Columbus- Males, About 2 years old

Carron - Female, Orange About 2 years old

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No Male Dogs At This Time!

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Ginger- Very friendly

indoor/outdoor cat, spayed, has rabies shot.  

Midnight- couch girl, temperamental, front declawed, spayed, has rabies and distemper shots. 

Bella-Yellow lab, 8 years old, spayed, loves attention, NO Dogs!, Cat friendly, has rabies and distemper shots.


26lbs, neutered, friendly, loves belly rubs, has rabies shot

Olive: blue and black/tan coonhound, 1 1/2 years, very energetic, hunting dog (can tree coons), puller, barker, spayed, has a rabies shot.

2 to be added: Spike, tiger cat, big boy, neutered, has a rabies shot 

Buddy: tiger and white, young, friendly 

Rats for Sale!

For any information of interest contact Rachael (262.416.3906) ONLY!  These are a volunteers animals and are not associated with the shelter!

Born a the end of July, Rex and Dumbo, Males and Females, all are rescues, $5, In need of new homes asap as some of the females were pregnant and they need room for the kids to be raised! Please share! West Bend Wi.



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