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Male Dogs

My name is Midnight. I am currently Puppyland's longest resident and I would really like a new loving home! I am a loner cat who would prefer to be an only kitty. I am not fond of being picked up either but I am front declawed, spayed, and I have my rabies and distemper shots. I am a low energy kitty who would rather sleep than play around. I am 5 years old. Are you my forever family? 

Longest Resident!

Picture coming Soon!

Billy Bob Bailey: Chihuahua mix, more friendly with women, fixed, must be an only dog.


Mister: black/white, super friendly, must be an only kitty in the house, 2 years old 

Magic: DLH, 7 years old, front declawed, white and grey (shaved due to matting) 

None At This Time!

Sage: about 1.5 years old, very shy, silver color (available after spay)

Kittens Are All Adopted from this momma!

None At This Time!

Marigold: a little shy, calico kitten, est 14 weeks old

Basil: 3 years old, tiger, DSH, declawed, fixed

Pictures Coming Soon!

Monster: tiger, 5 years old, DSH (available after neuter)

Toby: grey & white, DSH, 5 years old (available after neuter) 

Nibbles: 7 weeks old, very friendly, black kitten, super playful

Zorro: 6 years old, black & white, neutered

Dexter: Pitbull, 1.5 years old, white & grey, pulls on walks, needs some training, very loving dog, Must be only pet in the household. Available after Neuter (Aug. 15th, Holds Available)

Scooter: 1 year old, black, laid back kitty, super friendly!

Peppy: 3 years old, grey and white, DSH, declawed, fixed

Layla: 1 year old, very friendly, tiger with light orange, Available after Spay

Maggie: 1.5 years old, orange tiger, very shy, Available after Spay

Marley: 8 weeks old, friendly, black & white

Daisy: spayed, est 5 years old, friendly, grey with some orange

Peppy: 3 years old, grey & white, very friendly, loves rubbing against your leg

Conner: orange kitten, shy at first but friendly, est 14 weeks old

Viper: orange kitten, shy, est 14 weeks old

Prince: Microchip, 11 years old, neutered, must be an only cat, grey & white

Pictures Coming Soon!

Ranger: German Shepard, big boy, very loving, Available after Neuter (Aug. 15th, Holds Available)

Pictures Coming Soon!

Buddy: Spaniel & Chihuahua mix, takes time to warm up to you, Cream & white, Friendly once he knows you, dog friendly with those he chooses, Available after Neuter (Aug. 15th, Holds Available)